SIGHTINGS Where in the world will #joinrotary tees turn up next? Take a look at these Sightings . . .


Significant soldiers sighted interacting at the mother-ship in Mudgee this weekend. One of the largest group sightings in 12 months. No question that these predominantly of the extraterrestrial grey variety.

There was some evidence of spawning inside the mother-ship as more emerged than entered. Conditions will be prime for another swarm near Dubbo in March of 2017.

Police were advised and they tuned up en-mass convinced they would capture them via breathalyser.

Ref: 003

Name:  Soldier Drones Sighted

Reason: Mothership 9670 Conference

Date: Mar 3, 2016

Time: 11:00 Hrs

Latitude: 32°0600.0"S

Longitude:  149°58'33"E

Authorities Notified

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Hard to believe the pretension of the grey variety.

In this most recent sighting, an abduction via strange mechanical apparatus was captured in full view.

Authorities reinforced the importance for the public not to approach kindly, caring, unknown strangers and reiterated that sensible hats are no deterrent.

Ref: 004

Name:  Brazen Abduction at Show

Reason: Mothership 9670 Conference

Date: Mar 3, 2016

Time: 15:00 Hrs

Latitude: 32°0601.0"S

Longitude:  149°55'12"E

Authorities Notified

Suspicious activity in the city of Seoul Korea with #joinrotary beings posing as Youth “Exchange” Officers.

This is a very brazen, public demonstration of strength by these superior beings.

There is no telling where they may might pop up in these numbers next, but observers have identified heightened activity in  Atlanta USA.

Authorities warn that the group have a sophisticated network of international contacts.

Ref: 005

Name:  Soothing the Seoul

Reason: Exchange or Abduction?

Date: May 27, 2016

Time: 18:00 Hrs

Latitude: 37°56’69"N

Longitude:  126°97'08"E

Authorities Notified

They don’t get any bigger than this one, and so early in the season.

Ri President’s Personal Representative, PDG Ranjith Samarasingne and his beautiful wife had this one snapped as they emerged from the mother ship. Wow. . .

These two had a smile on their face that couldn’t be removed and talked at every opportunity. These two proved to be some of the friendlier contacts made in some time.

Ref: 002

Name: King & Queen Bee Sighting

Reason: Mothership 9670 Conference

Date: Mar 2, 2016

Time: 14:00 Hrs

Latitude: 32°0600.0"S

Longitude:  149°58'33"E

Authorities Notified

A cluster of unidentified Rotarians sightings were made recently in the west Lake Macquarie region. They were easily identifiable by their colourful, high quality tees sporting the #joinrotary tag.

On investigation they seems to originate from Morisset in Zone 10 of the 9670 Galaxy.

The cluster was preceded by bright lights and the sound of engines. Eye witnesses said that they made a lot of noise, but dissipated quickly.

Ref: 001

Name: Cluster Sighting

Reason: Release

Date: Feb 6,2016

Time: 13:00 Hrs

Latitude:  33°05'51.9"S

Longitude:  151°28'33.2"E

Authorities Notified

Something very fishy happening in London at the moment.

This alien with ties to Morisset NSW was recently caught snooping around London land marks.

It evaded too much scrutiny by slipping into Belgium via the Eurostar.

Authorities weren’t sure whether this species is normally wobbly in earths atmosphere or maybe it may be an allergic reaction to the contents of English pubs.

Ref: 007

Name:  London’s Eye

Reason: MI6 Tricks

Date: Sep 11, 2016

Time: 12:00 Hrs

Latitude: 57°50’07"N

Longitude:  0°12’46"E

Authorities Notified

Say hi to Hayley Cryer our Morisset exchange student.

Hayley is in Hauptplatz Austria checking out any extra-terrestrial activity.

Originally at the heart of the Holy Roman Empire, modern Austria bumps to a different sound of music.

Authorities warn Hayley may pop up just about anywhere in the next months as she’s joined by others of her clan.  Beware.

Ref: 006

Name:  Holy Hauptplatz

Reason: Definitely an Exchange

Date: Aug 18, 2016

Time: 12:00 Hrs

Latitude: 47°07’08"N

Longitude:  15°43’84"E

Authorities Notified

Alert ! It’s Official. These aliens are sporning. This one was seen in Graz cleverly disguised in a Rotary tee shirt.

When tested it had identical DNA to a prior sighting not far away in Hauptplatz.

Authorities fear the worst and already there are predictions of random travel and sightseeing by the pair.  

Authorities warn this new alien with Cryer DNA may become aggressive if you approach her and say that it’s time to come home.  Beware.

Ref: 008

Name:  Goodness Graz

Reason: They’re Sporning !

Date: Sept 22, 2016

Time: 20:00 Hrs

Latitude: 47°07’08"N

Longitude:  15°43’84"E

Authorities Notified

Ref: 009

Name:  Penrith Perfect

Reason: A Swarm!

Date: March 11, 2017

Time: 14:00 Hrs

Latitude: 33°75’00"N

Longitude:  150°70’00"E

Authorities Notified

After a period of calm, the greys have swarmed again in numbers unseen since previous district gatherings.

It’s believed this congregation are from District 9685 of the Oceania system.

The adorned one answers to Larkin and the red one (Roger) Larrikin.  

Authorities are alarmed that so much heat was generated from this hive and sky-scanning has resumed with vigilance. It’s evident that their numbers are increasing. Remain alert.

Ref: 010

Name:  Atlanta

Reason: The Mother-Ship !

Date: June 14, 2017

Time: 10:00 Hrs

Latitude: 33°75’00"N

Longitude:  84°39’00"E

Authorities Scrambled

After a period of grace sighting season is back in full force.

Authorities believe they have detected a mother-ship load of blues in the Atlanta area gathered around the king & queen being.

This version known as the Burrell is easily identified by protruding vertical fingers on each limb and large, dark bulbous eyes.

Authorities have asked people to watch out for this species which is known to be highly motivational. Approach with caution.

Ref: 011

Name:  Guizhou China

Reason: Alliance for Smiles

Date: July, 2017

Time: 10:00 Hrs

Latitude: 26.84’30” N

Longitude:  107.29’03” E

Authorities Notified

Strange hooded creatures share their technology and time with locals

Humanitarian activity has been detected near Guizhou China where greys have been holding an Alliance for Smiles project (working with the Cleft Lip and Palate Mission)

This version known as the Annie Partridge and is easily identified by a strange blue mask and the ability to make lives better.

Authorities have asked people to watch out for this species  and applaud them if seen.

Ref: 012

Name:  Phnom Penh Cambodia

Reason: Nurturing

Date: July, 2017

Time: 12:00 Hrs

Latitude: 33°75’00"N

Longitude:  84°39’00"E

Authorities En-Route

Another of the Partridge family of aliens (Kate) has recently turned up in an orphanage in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Authorities believe they there is a pattern emerging amongst this class of being.

As per their prior sighting, this one is best identified by their nurturing nature in the face of adversity.

Authorities have expressed their thanks for this clan of alien and encouraged more to take n the humanitarian challenge with Rotary.

Ref: 013

Name: Blueish Mountains

Reason: Fright or Flight

Date: August, 2017

Time: 12:00 Hrs

Latitude: 33°53’36"N

Longitude:  150°28’36"E

Authorities Scrambled

Be on the lookout for a lightning fast being seen in the vicinity of the fourth sister.

Authorities say she was fashionably attired and poised to strike at unsuspecting passers by at any moment.

Don’t let the soft blonde hair promote a false sense of security. This one is the real deal.

If you come across her, maintain eye contact and back out of the room to a place of safety. Remember you only need to be second slowest to survive.

Ref: 014

Name:  Barcelona Spain

Reason: Domination

Date: September, 2017

Time: 12:00 Hrs

Latitude: 41°38’51"N

Longitude:  2°17’34"E

Authorities in Retreat

Authorities have warned that a large, black, bearded master being has emerged from it large concrete cocoon structure in central Europe.

At the moment it’s not apparent whether the bicuspid mammal has emerged for good or evil.

There’s every chance that he hails from southern climates where similar prior sightings around Lake Macquarie have been documented.

No formal briefing has been made to date by authorities although one is likely once they are far enough away.