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#joinrotary  is the perfect vehicle to spread Rotary’s message of goodwill and engagement as you go about life, no matter where you are.


#joinrotary tees are the your passport to be local and vocal about the great things Rotary does.

The aim of Rotary is to encourage and foster the advancement of understanding, goodwill, and peace among the peoples of the world.  Saving the world is a full time job, so let’s all do our

part to spread the word. Be local

and vocal in your #joinrotary tee.


Fellow adventurers have shared their landing and sighting pictures and stories of #joinrotary. Who knows where the next #joinrotary message might be seen. Join us in Scully and Mulder’s #Files. More  . .>

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Maybe you’ve seen a need in your own community and wondered how you could help. Maybe you want to use your professional skills to help others — or even learn new skills. More . . >

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Join us in the Fitting Room to ensure you look Gooood in your #joinrotary tee. Nothing worse than bulging or sagging first impressions. We’re here to make sure your thang is crisp. More . . >

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Why not #joinrotary. Follow the blue links for information on how to join your local Rotary Club

to Rotary Tee Central where we’ll whWelcome

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have you equipped to make and  whWelcome

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influence new friends in no time.  whWelcome

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Be Local & Vocal : Tell the World with Rotary Tees  whWelcBome

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